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The Hidden Treasure of the Northside

The Norwood Neighborhood Association (N.N.A.) is a nonprofit organization in the North Brookside / Norwood Avenue community. The NNA consists strictly of local residents who volunteer for the purpose of promoting neighborhood civic-mindedness and to provide a forum for residents to gather, converse and to exchange ideas in order to benefit our community.

The NNA has a Board of Directors who work with the members to maintain and improve relations with area businesses, landlords, renters and homeowners. They also encourage and facilitate the enrichment of the quality of schools, public and shared areas, green spaces, transportation services and other municipal services in the neighborhood.

The NNA has been successful in coordinating quarterly community clean-up activities and bi-annual community fun days at no cost to local residents.

All homeowners residing in the North Brookside / Norwood Avenue and Lake Forrest Park communities are encouraged to attend our meetings and to participate. Collectively, we have a mighty powerful voice to promote positive changes in our community.

For more information, call (904) 338-9990.


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